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HID Lighting

Various forms of HID lighting will include both high and low pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, and car/truck lamps as well. HID lighting is composed of an arc of electricity contained in a sealed bulb that is infused with mercury vapor and other gases. These headlights will completely change how you see the road while driving at night. All headlights are long lasting and very hard to scratch or break because of the type of process used while making them.

The lights have to be properly aimed on the road because of the intensity of their output. More often than none most hid car lighting are properly aimed but if not the extreme brightness can be blinding to others on the road. Make sure to install the hid bulbs correctly and you will not be a hazard to other drives. For the majority this is easily met, however motorcycles prove to be a problem sometimes. The best solution is to have on-the-fly headlight control which will adjust the accuracy of the headlight on the fly.

Our bulbs never fade in color or become cloudy after a period of time, this is most common with bulbs that are underdeveloped and have not been tested thoroughly. Our bulbs have a very high housing quality and are made to resist scratches, chips, and ware. HID Xenon Headlights are nothing but the best and they are accurately focused on the reflectors. The lenses are made High quality glass and the process that is used gives them a very long life under any type of conditions such as hot and cold weather. HID bulbs are very light and safely recommended for all vehicle on the road. They provide sharper color they the standard halogen bulbs and come in 4 different colors. If you’re looking for the best color produced lighting in automotive engineering you have come to the right spot.